Research conducted in the Laboratory initiated by the Russian Space Agency is aimed at creating emperical models describing the earth’s magnetic field regarding its impact on the operation of the on-board equipment.

The designed devices have been installed on dozens of space vehicles, including on each of the Russian space vehicles designed by the GLObal NAvigation Satellite System.

Special methods and equipment to conduct real space experiments aimed at researching the electrization effects on spacecraft have been designed. Pioneering work in this field allowed the researchers to prove experimentally that spacecraft electrization phenomenon exists in the magnetosperic plasma and develop a set of measures to protect the on-board equipment from its impact. The equipment to conduct diagnostics and monitor the environment surrounding the spacecraft and the quality of on-board power systems has been designed.

The results of this long-term research have been generalized and entered in a special database; they are used by the research and aerospace organizations from Russia and Europe.

Some experiments, such as the research into internal discharge in spacecraft elements resulting from high energy space rays, micrometeorites and the features of surrounding plasma were conducted as part of the joint projects with the European Space Agency (ESA).

The Laboratory is a member of the Division of Atmospheric Sciences

The head of the Laboratory: Yuriy Mikhailovich Prokopiev (Ph. D., Technical sciences),

General Physics Section at NSU