New radiation sources for medical, environmental and special tasks are being developed in the laboratory.

The following tasks are being solved:

  •  The development and exploration of new media based on nonlinear chalcogenide crystals to convert the Nd: YAG radiation into the mid-infrared range;
  •  The study of wide-aperture periodically polarized structures of ferrielectric crystals, and the creation of tunable sources of infrared (IR) radiation in the 2-4.5 mkm high power range for special uses. Moreover the development of multi-wavelength optical parametric light oscillators with a switchable set of frequencies;
  •  The development and research of cascading frequency converters pumped by the Nd: YAG laser in the range of 1.064 mm and continuous adjustment in the range of 7-14 microns for gas detection systems;
  •  The study of parametric generators with the phase self-synchronization (PG-PSS) for fundamental metrology. The study of PG-PSS nonlinear dynamics as the system with cascade nonlinearity;
  •  The study of new nonlinear media to create a converter frequency from the immediate IR and IR ranges into the THz range.
Partners of the laboratory: Max Born Institute (Germany), French National Institute of Metrology, Labfer LTD (Ekaterinburg), as well as an innovative company "Special technologies".

Head of Laboratory: Doctor in Physics and Mathematics Dmitry B. Kolker,

Department of Physics at NSU
Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch if the Russian Academy of Sciences 
Institute of Laser Physics, Siberian Branch if the Russian Academy of Sciences