Center is a unique and one-of-a-kind synthesis of practical work, research and educational activities.

Research directions:

  • evaluating the effectiveness of behavioral methodologies and instruments;
  • doing research on the specificity of interaction between the parents of a child with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and the characteristics of the interaction between the parents and the child;
  • designing methods for the development of dialogical speech of children with ASD;
  • organizing multidisciplinary research on the causes and factors of ASD.

  • Yale Child Study Center, one of the world's leading research centers examining child Autism;
  • “Autism speaks”, the world’s largest and most influential autism advocacy organization.
In addition, the Center works in the following educational areas:
  • preparation and implementation of the training programs for professionals working with children with special needs;
  • development and implementation of the continuing education program in applied behavior analysis for the professionals working with the children having ASD;
  • development and implementation of the Master's program in applied behavior analysis at the Faculty of Psychology in collaboration with other faculties, as well as with international team of colleagues.
The Center trained nine certified specialists in applied behavior analysis.

Expert of the division: Candidate of Psychology, Olga Nikolayevna Pervushina,

Institute of Medicine and Psychology
Center for the applied behavior analysis