The Center was founded in 1994 and was initially supported as part of an NSU project for the international Internet site PHILOFHI (PHILOSоphy of History and Theoretical History) mailing-list of specialists from more than 30 countries devoted to the philosophical interpretation of history. This is done by comparing the results of various theoretical and empirical approaches such as: world-system analysis; comparative analysis of civilizations; macrosociology and social evolution; theory and history of geopolitics; systemic and cybernetic approaches to historical dynamics; world and social history; future research and global forecasting; etc.  Currently, the main research areas of the Center include: the philosophy of history, political sociology, social and political forecasting, value theory, the philosophy of education, the methodology of social and historical sciences, historical macrosociology (theoretical history), the theory of civilizations and analysis of world systems.

The Center gained wide recognition following the publication of three almanacs “The Time of Peace”: Historical Macrosociology in the Twentieth Century (1998), The Structures of History (2001) and War and Geopolitics (2003), and of particular note, Randall Collins fundamental work “The Sociology of Philosophy: A Global Theory of Intellectual Change” (2002). Recently, another translation of R. Collins work by the Center's staff was published, "Microhistory: Essays in Sociology of the Long Run" (Moscow: URSS, 2015).

Center Head – DSc in Philosophy, Prof. Nikolai Rozov,