Research on the “Classics” involves analyzing intellectual thought during the Classical Antiquity period (VI C BC – VI century BC), i.e. the language, literature, philosophy, law, science, and art of this period in ancient Greece and Rome. The research is conducted in collaboration with History of Philosophy experts at the Institute of Philosophy and Law, SB RAS. The latest studies and translations include texts from the ancient Gnostics and Neo-Pythagoreans, Clement of Alexandria, Noumenia of Apamea, Diogenes of Apollonia, Ptolemais Cyrenaic, Iamblichus, Theophrastus and others. In addition, the experts explore texts that are well known in the contemporary Western tradition: “The Heirs of Plato” (J. Dillon), “Plotinus. The Road to Reality” (J. Rist), “Pythagoras Revived” (D. O’Meara), "The Orphic Poems" (M. L. West), “The Parmenides of Plato and the Origin of the Neoplatonic 'One'” (C. Dodds), etc.

The fundamental nature and importance of the themes being explored in this research are highlighted by the establishment of the Centre for Ancient Philosophy and Classical Tradition. This NSU Centre publishes the only Russian philosophical journal dedicated to these themes that is registered in the Scopus database: "SCHOLЕ: Ancient Philosophy and the Classical Tradition".  NSU regularly conducts international seminars with the participation of the world's leading specialists in the history of ancient philosophy.

Expert – DSc in Philosophy, Prof. Eugene Afonasin,