Based at the Institute of Philosophy and Law, the Center was founded in 2017 as part of a program to support and implement topical interdisciplinary research in the field of social philosophy, political science, international law, regional economics, oriental studies and related fields.  In the short term, the main focus of the Center's activities is analyzing the complex Chinese project ("Clouds”) that is part of the "One Belt One Road" concept. This project, as well as a number of related integrated projects uniting countries in the Central Asian and Asian-Pacific regions, forms one of the most significant trends in international development into the next few decades. The importance of creating the Center is specifically demonstrated by the need to describe and predict the role and place of Russia in the dynamics of the development of Eurasian integration and in the world. Equally important is assessing the role and place of the leading world powers that have formed during the last few years of a "duocentric" model of geopolitics, the role of the USA and China in these processes. Given the complexity and multidimensionality of emerging trends, their study requires joint efforts of specialists from various scientific fields: philosophers, political scientists, economists, culturologists, orientalists, as well as experts in the field of international legal issues.

Center Head – DSc in Philosophy Nikita Golovko,