The Laboratory was founded in 2015 as an integral interdisciplinary platform at the Faculty of Philosophy. It combines scientific research in the fields of ethics, social philosophy, the history of philosophy, philosophy of science, analytical philosophy and ontology with the theory of knowledge. The emphasis is on analysis of the rationality of scientific knowledge and social activity.  Over the years the analogous organizational base for integrating scientific research at the Department was the "Support Program for the Department of Philosophical at Novosibirsk State University" (Open Society Institute, Russia) (2001-2003), the Philosophy and Education Center, “Philosophy. Science. Society” »(2009-2013), etc. The main partner for the research is the Institute of Philosophy and Law, Siberian Branch of The Russian Academy of Sciences. The main research topics are currently:

  •  "Problems of rational choice in interdisciplinary discourse". The subject of the research is the rational basis for the effectiveness of the functioning of social institutions based on knowledge. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and risk (Head of research is Prof. V.S. Diev);
  •  "Logical-mathematical methods in philosophy". The subject of the study is the identification of limitations on the complete expressive possibilities of formal languages ​​for the presentation of scientific knowledge, the explication of their nature and an analysis of the prospects for their application to solve a wide range of problems in modern rational philosophy (Head of research is Prof. V.V. Tselishchev);
  •  "The socio-philosophical basis and macrosociological regularities in the crisis dynamics and transformation of political regimes". The subject of the research is modern socio-political crises, which include not only conflict dynamics, the operation of various basic factors and specific historical circumstances, but also moments of confrontation of worldviews and normative value systems and complex conflicts of morality and law (Head of research is Prof. N.S. Rozov).
The wide popularity and level of ongoing research is demonstrated by the fact that the Laboratory is  where the editorial boards of the two leading Russian philosophical journals work: The Siberian Journal of Phylosophy (formerly: Vestnik NSU. Series: Philosophy) and The Philosophy of Science.

Laboratory Head – PhD in Philosophy Аleksander Khlebalin,

Institue of Philosophy and Law NSUS