The studies in the fields of philosophical logic, the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mathematics are the hallmark of the Philosophy Department. The work on formal logic, theory of argumentation, theory of meaning, as well as on the key issues of the foundations of mathematics has been done for many years under the supervision of Prof. V.V. Tselischev. The research is conducted in collaboration with the section of the history of philosophy and the section of logic and theory of cognition at the Institute of Philosophy and Law, Siberian Branch of The Russian Academy of Sciences.

The classical texts written by the faculty members are well known; they played important role in the formation of the Russian tradition of philosophical logic, giving rise to the generation of analytical philosophers:

  •  The logical truth and empiricism” 1974);
  •  The logic of existence” (1976);
  •  The philosophical problems of the semantics of possible worlds” (1977);
  •  Two interpretations of the logical systems” (1979).
The recent works, dealing with the “hot topics” of the contemporary philosophy of mathematics (“The ontology of mathematics” (2003), “The Godelian argument” (2005), “The epistemology of mathematical proof” (2006), “Intuition, finitism and the recursive thinking” (2007), “Algorithms and computability in human cognition” (2012), and some other works), are also known and recognized.

Expert – DSc in Philosophy, Prof. Vitaliy Tselischev, leitval@gmailcom

Institue of Philosophy and Law NSU
Institute of Philosophy and Law, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences