The division includes the variety of themes and research interests related to the field usually referred to as “the philosophy of science” in Russian academic tradition. The key themes within the division are: the philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence, philosophical foundations of probability theory, scientific realism, the philosophy of physics, the philosophy of biology, the philosophy of geology, the philosophy of archaeology, the philosophy of scientific experiment, and the issues of climate change. The research is conducted in collaboration with the section of the philosophy of science at the Institute of Philosophy and Law, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences.

The department is famous for hosting the best of the original Russian projects in the field of the philosophy of science: theory of the methodological principles of scientific knowledge (A.L. Simanov) and theory of social relays (L.S. Sycheva). The work on translating the key texts into Russian (“The ontological status of theoretical entities” (G. Maxwell) and “Critical scientific realism” (I. Niiniluoto) contributes to the recognition of the department within the professional field. Faculty members also contribute a lot to one of the first Russian specialized journals “The Philosophy of Science”.

Expert – DSc in Philosophy, Prof. Alexander Simanov,