The NSU Center for Gender Studies is one of the leading centers in the country for research on intersexualism. More specifically, they are engaged in research on everyday practices in the Siberian region (sexuality, religion, leisure activities, mobility, self-representation and consumption practices, etc.) and the influence of globalization on these processes. The Center participates in well-known joint projects with leading universities in Germany, France, Switzerland and the United States.

The division deals with the classical issues of gender theory in philosophical and sociological perspectives, as well as explores and adapts the postcolonial research (insufficiently explored in the Russian tradition) in the context of human-society relationship. The key themes include: the definition of gender, the notions of gender order and gender regime, gender relations in the classical philosophical texts, the genesis of gender theory, feminist philosophy in the XX century. The research is conducted in collaboration with the section of logic and epistemology at the Institute of Philosophy and Law.

Translation and adaptation of feminist texts plays important role in the popularization of the division. The translations of such books as “Public opinion” by W. Lippmann, “Gender and Power: society, the person and sexual politics” by R. W. Connell, and the publications in famous volumes “Social capital and social inequality in contemporary Russia” and “Gender studies for Dummies” are already well known.

Center Head – PhD in Philosophy Tatiana Barchunova,