The Centre was founded in 2002 by a group of enthusiasts at the Philosophy Department who were interested in studying and translating classical sources, and quickly turned NSU into one of the most respected centers for classical research. Currently, the work taking place at the Centre is extremely diverse and includes research on the history of Greek and medieval philosophy, the history and philosophy of law, ancient history and literature, ancient philosophy, late antiquity, Byzantine philosophy, Arab philosophy, Western European Middle Ages, ancient and medieval medicine, art, science and technology in the Greco-Roman world, etc.

The Centre gained wide recognition after a series of interdisciplinary seminars titled "Teaching Antiquity" (2007-2013) that were conducted with the support of the Open Society Institute (Budapest). Over the years world famous experts made presentations including John Dillon (Dublin), Leonidas Bargheliotis (Athens), Lilian Carali (Athens), Dominique O'Mara (Friborg), John Rist (Cambridge), Teun Tilman (Utrecht), Luc Brisson (Paris) ), David Constant (USA).
The Centre publishes the only Russian philosophy journal dedicated to these themes that is registered in the Scopus database: "SCHOLE: Philosophical Antiquity and Classical Tradition".

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Center Head – DSc in Philosophy, Prof. Eugene Afonasin,