Academic interests of the scientists involved in this division embrace the whole variety of research in history of Western-European philosophy, such as the genesis of philosophy, ancient and medieval philosophy, Renaissance philosophy, philosophy of Modernity, and contemporary philosophy (until the end of XIX century), as well as the history of the Arab and Eastern philosophical traditions of ancient Persia, Iran, India, China and Japan. The research is conducted in collaboration with the section of the history of philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy and Law, Siberian Branch of The Russian Academy of Sciences. The outcomes of the research done by the faculty members are well known in Russia as well as abroad: for example, the monograph “The ancient Greek myth of destiny” by V. P. Goran was translated into Japanese, the book “Early Greek philosophy and Ancient Iran” by M. N. Wolf was translated into Farsi.

Expert – DSc in Philosophy, Prof. Vasiliy Goran,