The Laboratory conducts microstrutural and analytical X-ray fluorescence research studies into catalysts in a broad range of chemical processes: hydrocarbon and oil processing, petrochemistry, polymeric materials synthesis as well as the processes important in the development of new energy systems among other issues.

Electronic micsoscopy helps to obtain knowledge about the structure of the catalysts active component at the atomic level of spatial resolution. It makes purposeful approach to the development of and improvement catalysts possible.

Integrating microscopy with analytical capabilities, a detailed study of new types of fuel cells as energy resources as well as their modification with rare earth metals has been undertaken. Another area of the laboratory’s research is the study of solid body, semiconductor films and heterostructures for a new generation of devices and electronic equipment.

The laboratory has obtained the following results:

  •  low-temperature catalysts (metal-oxide and carbon substrates) for disactivation of harmful gases using a model CO oxidation reaction;
  •  experimental conditions necessary to obtain active element dispersion at the level of separate atoms or metal clusters have been determined;
  •  the role of nitrogen modifying carbon in increasing the catalysts effect has been established; 
  • thanks to the study of the components and structure of fuel catalytic systems it has become possible to identify effective composition necessary when creating new energy sources;
  •  the atomic structure of catalysts and mesoporous aluminosilicate and carbon systems of a new type has been studied. The role of diurnal mean value of parameters in creating supported metal catalysts has been determined.
The laboratory is a member of the University’s Analytical and Technological Innovation Center for High Technologies and New Materials.

Head of laboratory - Vladimir Ivanovich Zaykovskiy, Ph. D., (Chemistry),

The Section for Physical Methods of Research of Solids NSU
Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences