The main areas of research the laboratory is involved in is the development and improvement of methods aimed at researching the morphology and surface structure of unstructured, film and spatial materials.
For silicon-based materials the technology of layer growth by means of molecular-layer epitaxy directly in the growth chamber of scanning tunneling microscope is being researched. Scanning electron beam lithography is used to produce structures for two-dimensional photonic crystals from silicon-based materials as well as to produce nanoelectric-mechanical arsenide gallium based materials.

The laboratory has received the following results:

  •  Germanium and silicon quantum dots array growth mechanisms when using oxidized silicon surfaces have been established;
  •  Light emitting dislocated silicon based diodes in the near infrared wavelength range have been produced and dominant recombination mechanisms depending on the level of excitation mechanism have been manufactured;
  •  The typology of two-dimensional photonic crystals containing partially disarrayed nanocarriers which provide luminescence line-broadening while preserving a high level of radiation directivity and intensity has been developed;
  •  Mechanisms for germanium layers formation on silicon surfaces at temperatures close to voluminous Ge melting point have been established.
The Laboratory is a member of the NSU Analytical and Technological Innovation Center High Technologies and New Materials.

 Head of Laboratory - Alexander Andreevich Shklyaev (Doctor of Science, Physics and Mathematics),