Within this division, research is conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Philology SB RAS and the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The core areas of research are general semiotics and discourse theory, as well as the analysis of symbolic and discursive nature of the classical and contemporary texts within the following fields:

  •  semiotic specificity of the discourses of journalism and advertising;
  •  semiotics of writing systems;
  •  semiotics of the texts of classical and contemporary literature;
  •  semiotic analysis of the relationship between fiction and non-verbal art forms;  
  •  discursive interactions in contemporary communications; 
  •  theory and methodology of discourse analysis;
  •  relationships between language and discourse.
The scientific journal “Critique and semiotics” is published within this division in cooperation with the Institute of Philology SB RAS, Institute of linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Russian State University for the Humanities.

Expert of the division – Doctor of Philology, Professor Igor Vitalyevich Silantiev

Web-page of the “Critique and semiotics” journal