Lexical semantics

The following themes are developed within this division:
  •  semantics and systemic relations between lexical units in literary language and in the Russian dialects in Siberia;
  •  comparative lexicology and lexicography;
  •  lexical expressivity of the spoken discourse as semantic and functional category, components of expressive semantics of the lexical units, cognitive sources of figurative words, etc;
  •  linguistic and cultural specificity in the semantics of lexical units.
Expert of the division – Doctor of Philology, Professor Nina Aleksandrovna Lukyanova

Syntax semantics – elementary simple sentence and polypredicative sentences of the Russian, Indo-European (Italian, French, German, etc.), the Ural-Altai (Khanty, Nenets, Nanai, Ulch, etc.), Japanese and Korean languages are studies within this division.

Research objectives:

  •  composing the list of sentence models;
  •  identifying the paradigm of each model;
  •  describing the variety of models within grammatical and communicative paradigms;
  •  establishing systemic relations between the models of different classes.
Expert of the division – Doctor of Philology, Professor Natalya Borisovna Koshkareva

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