SIBAS – Russian regional associative database (2008-2012), part of the nationwide project of the Institute of Linguistics (on cooperation with the Institute of Philology, SB RAS and NSU) aiming to create a new Russian associative thesaurus.

Project objectives:
  •  to create a unified Russian associative database, and three autonomous regional databases;
  •  to register linguistic consciousness in time, and to define the dynamic parameters of the semantic structure of ethnic consciousness; 
  •  to identify regional specificity of a linguistic consciousness;
  •  to identify the active associative grammar, allowing to define relevant semantic links, corresponding to the life experience of modern Russian speakers.
The SIBAS data was collected in the course of the mass free-association experiment conducted during 2008-2013 in the largest cities of Siberia and the Far East.

Expert of the specialization – Doctor of Philology, Professor Irina Vladimirovna Shaposhnikova
Project website

Dictaverf – dictionary of verbal associations (French language) is one of the projects aiming to create associative thesauri for ethnic languages using the methodology developed in the Institute of Linguistics, RAS.

Project objectives:
  •  to identify associative norms of modern French language;
  •  to compose a portrait of the modern French-speaking person – as compared to similar portraits of people speaking other languages ​​(based on the existing and projected associative databases of ethnic languages);
  •  to provide new material for the translators, lexicographers, psycholinguists, and professionals in the field of semantics;
  •  prospectively - to create a dictionary of associations for different national forms of French language (spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, French Africa).
Data for the dictionary was collected within the online survey conducted in 2008-2009 among French students of all specializations.

Expert of the specialization – Doctor of Philology, Professor Michele Debrenne
Project website