In this field we study the current trends and issues concerning the mechanism of protection of citizens' and legal persons' rights in the criminal policy of the State.

Research objectives are: the identification of deficiencies in the legal regulation of the protection of the legal rights of citizens and legal persons in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure; the development and approbation of effective protection of legitimate rights and interests of individuals and legal entities from crime.

The main research questions are as follows:

  •  Principles of Criminal Law;
  •  Theoretical bases underlying the creation of the “Special Part” of The Russian Criminal Code;
  •  Combating crime in the insurance industry through Criminal Law and criminalistics;
  •  Combating organized crime;
  •  Combating terrorism and extremism;
  •  Combating corruption;
  •  The problem of ensuring the effectiveness of the public prosecutor in criminal procedure;
  •  Social value and effectiveness of the institute of return of criminal cases to the prosecutor during criminal procedure;
  •  Protection of evidentiary materials by criminalistics methods and means during the criminal procedure.
Expert in this field – PhD in Law, Associate Professor Elena Korotysh