In this field we study the current trends in the development of international public and private law, which is an indirect effect of globalization and its related socio-economic factors. Research aims at formulating fundamental innovative methods in order to explore the new legal reality.

The main research questions are as follows:

  •  Increase in the number of international courts, creation of a system of international Justice, growing influence of international judicial decisions on the development of international law, international judicial activism;
  •  Formation of the international legal framework of the Eurasian integration - development of institutional and regulatory frameworks of the Eurasian Economic Community (Eurasian Economic Community), of the Customs Union, of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) ; development of jurisprudence of Eurasian integrated courts (Economic Court of the CIS, Court of the Eurasian Economic Community);
  •  Formation of the rule of law of the World Trade Organization (WTO), influence of WTO law on the Eurasian integration processes and on national legal order in Russia; interactions of WTO law, Eurasian Economic Community law and Russian law; consequences of economic sanctions within the framework of WTO legal order;
  •  Protection of human rights in international courts of Human Rights, dynamics of development of international law in this area; the correlation of public and private interests in the protection of human rights;
  •  Realization of the interests of the Russian Federation in the international arena; their protection by international legal means; formation of a national conception of international law;
  •  Formation of the legal regime of the Arctic territories; consolidation of norms and concepts, enhancing and supporting the legal titles of the Russian Federation on these territories.
Expert in this field – DSc in Law, Professor Vladislav Tolstykh