In this field we study the mechanisms of the legislative, interpretative, judicial and practical constitutionalization of legal order, the sectoral regulation of constitutional, administrative and municipal institutions. We identify ways and types of constitutionalization of law; the impact of the regulatory framework of the Russian constitutionalism and of the protection of the constitution over the improvement of the legal system in Russia.

The main research questions are as follows:

  •  Constitutionalization of the judicial reform, the issue concerning the optimization of the judicial system, the question of improving the efficiency of the court system and of increasing access to justice;
  •  Comparative constitutionalism and national ways of constitutionalizing legal order;
  •  Guaranteeing constitution and development of constitutional means of protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals and legal entities;
  •  Constitutionalization and harmonization of the sectoral regulation of constitutional, administrative, municipal and financial institutions;
  •  Legal support of urban agglomerations (municipalities) and development of municipal democracy;
  •  Interaction of organs of constitutional Justice with organs of European Justice within the field of Human rights and more precisely within the sphere of the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms;
  •  Constitutionalization of national and international mechanisms of implementation of international obligations, and internationalization of constitutional institutions.
Expert in this field – DSc in law, Professor Igor Kravets