B和 D介子物理研究实验室

The aim of the laboratory is the study of the properties of mesons containing heavy quarks: B- and D-mesons. The laboratory is involved in the modernization of the calorimeter Belle II, creating a luminosity monitor, the preparation for the experiment as well as in the analysis of data collected in Belle and Belle II experiments.

The results of the laboratory are the following:

  •  Version of module electronics has been designed for face calorimeter;
  •  Stand to check electronic components for Belle II calorimeter has been created and the examination of all the produced modules has been carried out;
  •  Cylindrical calorimeter electronics system has been set up and its verification within a system of data collection Belle II has been conducted;
  •  Software for coefficients calibration and load in generators and collector modules has been developed;
  •  A set of data on cosmic particles has been collected as well as the entire cylindrical calorimeter has been checked;
  •  Measurement module of detector Belle II luminosity has been designed;
  •  The Belle data analysis in search for the decay of exotic charmonium state X (3872) and its potential partners in the modes containing pseudoscalar charmonium eta_c has been carried out, upper limits for these decays have been set up;
  •  The collapse of B-> D * pi omega has been conducted. Relative probabilities of the D-meson orbital excitations creation have been obtained.
The laboratory is part of The NSU interdisciplinary center of elementary particle physics and astrophysics.

Partner of the laboratory: KEK High Energy Accelerator research organization (Tsukuba, Japan).

Head of Laboratory: PhD. in Physics and Mathematics, Alexander Kuzmin, askuzmin@inp.nsk.su

Division of elementary particle physics
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Siences