As sanctions are striking Russia, the question of Food safety became especially relevant. This situation requires fundamentally new and original solutions, based on the interdisciplinary and systemic interaction of researchers from different fields, in order to improve quality of life and exploitation of natural resources. The creation of the Research Center was motivated by the need to develop new paradigms for the economic analysis of the food market and the need to develop applied economic modeling in the field of food safety.

Within the framework of the Center and in the field of food safety (in the broad sense of this concept), the following interdisciplinary studies are carried out:

  •  new methods for processing raw materials;
  •  extending shelf-life of food;
  •  identification of genetic markers for “smart breeding”, which would allow in the future to develop new varieties of strategically important graminaceous and non-graminaceous plants. This research is carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Cytology and Genetics (SB RAS) and other institutes of the Novosibirsk Research Center.
We are also looking for new relevant areas of research and conducting the analysis of promising technologies and products which could be the basis for the development of cooperation within the framework of the “Eastern Vector.” We also provide independent scientific expertise and analysis for the government and private businesses in the area of food safety.

Expert in this field – PhD in Economics, Julia Otmahova,

Department of Economics NSU
Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences